The Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative was launched in September 2014 and concluded a six-month strategic planning process in 2015.  Our founders agreed on the need for an action-oriented entity to focus full-time on the implementation of water management best practices. They saw the potential for positive action by governments, institutions, businesses, neighborhoods and individuals. Our strategic plan calls for the collaborative to serve as an information clearinghouse for members, policy-makers and the community at large and to promote the greatest possible level of cooperation among all players, across all jurisdictions.

The collaborative’s structure includes working groups on specific aspects of water management, such as community education, research and policy, and design, and an overarching steering committee. Through working groups, we facilitate the flow of information on emerging issues in water management,  identify green-infrastructure funding and design opportunities, and foster effective partnerships among participants. Joint projects to-date have included networking events, walk-and-learns, public forums, and advocacy for better stormwater laws.

 We work to create strong, safe, beautiful urban environments that celebrate the region’s abundant water resources. We also recognize that this region’s long-term sustainability depends upon urban water management efforts working in parallel with coastal protection, restoration and other measures to address severe weather and sea level rise. If you share our vision of New Orleans as a global leader in green infrastructure at every scale, join the collaborative. If you are already a member and want to join a working group, email us today.

Our Mission Statement

The Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative is a diverse, multi-sector regional partnership actively working towards implementation of the principles of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan and other water management best practices. The collaborative and its members integrate education, research, policy development, advocacy, and state-of the-art green infrastructure projects to ensure that the region sustainably lives and thrives with water.

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