Working groups are the primary means by which the Greater New Orleans Water Collaborative turns expertise into action. Each working group includes practitioners in the field and passionate members of the community. If you are interested in participating, email us.


Helps communities organize and harness political, grassroots and social forces in order to compel marketplace or governmental outcomes that further the public interest.

Community Education

Conducts activities to increase general awareness of the principles of urban water management and provide the practical application skills to implement best practices on public and private properties throughout Greater New Orleans.

 K-12 Education

Develops programs, curricula and training to educate youth on the importance of improving water management and to develop practical workforce skills for the implementation of such strategies and solutions.


 Builders & Designers

Supports the design, engineering, financing and construction of exemplary water management projects.

Research & Policy

Provides current analysis of water laws and their administration and seeks out model public policy, public financing programs, and marketplace incentives that relate to water management.